Insured-By is an innovative industry-specific insurance program intended to enhance coverage and offer discounted premiums for Sentry Management’s association communities. By working with the nation’s foremost association insurance brokers and agents, and leveraging the purchasing power of nearly 3,000 associations across the nation, Insured-By offers comprehensive and complimenting insurance policies specifically designed for community associations and backed by the size, strength, and stability of best-in-class insurance carriers. 

  • Streamlined quoting and application process 
  • Complimentary coverage evaluations with no commitment required pricing proposals 
  • Competitive Commercial General Liability and Property rates 
  • Discounted association “Essentials” bundle 
  • Timely handling of claims, service requests and renewals 
  • Ongoing education for Association Board members and Community Association Managers

Sentry Insurance Agency matches associations to preferred Brokers who are licensed as property and casualty insurance brokers in Florida (and other states), and is compensated for its services by a licensed broker (not by the association). Sentry Insurance Agency does not market, sell, issue, or service insurance policies, and is not responsible for the insurance that an association purchases.